About FuryComics.com

Fury Comics was launched on May 16, 2009 and as the name indicates it features comics which can be read online. These are taken from what is known as the "Golden Age Of Comic Books", which spans roughly from the late 1930's to the early 1950's.

It was during this time, what we would recognize as modern comic books were first published. These were mainly produced in America and were hugely popular. In this period various genres were created, the most notable and enduring was the creation of superheroes. These included: Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and countless others. It also saw the birth of crime, horror, war and romance comic books. Apart from the artistic aspect these are also fascinating cultural documents as they mirror the times of peace, the Second World War, the Cold War and moral campaigns.

The reason why we can show the comic books, here on this site, is that remarkably a vast amount of the comics produced at this time did not have their copyright renewed. The main reasons being that the original company was no longer in existence and they became "orphaned" or just through oversight.

So there are now tens of thousands of comic books that have lapsed into the public domain and although Fury Comics holds over 2,500 books, there are a great many more available.

As all the comics on this site are in the public domain this is the reason we can bring them to you FREE of ANY charge.

During the time we have been running, we have seen quite a few other comics books sites forcibly closed and even their owners arrested. This was due to copyright breaches, which were both flagrant and rather a stupid thing to do. So we have been very careful to make sure that we can legally show our comics online and why we are still here!!

When the site started we just showed a new comic a day, on the front page. We then extended this to two bonus books at the weekend and one midweek. This means we currently show ten different comics books each week.

It seemed a shame that after we republished the books they disappeared from sight, so we created the Comic Book Viewer. This is a section where you can browse all the comics that we have. As there are so many, we have split them into genre and built some cool pages so that you can easily navigate our huge collection, by using the drop down menus and clicking on the covers. If you are still having trouble finding what you want we also have a sitemap page, but be warned there are a lot of entries on it!!!

Our Current Sections

After the viewer was launched we have another idea. Why not tell our readers a bit about the comic book they are reading. So we are slowly adding information about the title, its history and the comic book creators involved. As you have probably guessed, we have other ideas and plans for the future that we are working on now!!

A couple of other pages you might be interested in are our Privacy Policy (it is rather boring and basically states that we will safeguard your privacy and mean you no harm) and a resources page where we have put the most important links, if you want to learn more about Golden Age comics.

Before we sign off, we ought to let you know that we have not scanned any of these comics and the vast majority of them have been sourced from two excellent sites: Golden Age Comics and The Digital Comic Museum.

If you have any questions or requests please view our contact details and online form page.

We hope this site gives you as much enjoyment as it did us making it!!

Every care has been taken to ensure ALL the comic books we offer are in the public domain. If you believe that any of our content is in anyway breaching copyright please contact us at contact@furycomics.com